Weminuch Wilderness 2011
Lassen Volcanic Park
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Lassen Volcanic National Park 2010

Allman Brothers/Ratdog
(8/15/07 Burgettstown, PA)
2011 All Good Festival Skideshow
2007 10,000 Lakes Festival Slideshow
2007 10,000 Lakes Festival Book
A day in Texas
2007 Grateful Fest Slideshow
2007 Grateful Fest Book

2010 All Good Festival Slideshow
2010 All Good Festival Book

Vibes for Peace
(2006 Rex Foundation Benefit Concert)
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Vibes for Peace Book

Hawk eating a rabbit

Trinity Alps Willderness 2005
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Hoover Wilderness 2009
2006 10,000 Lakes Festival Slideshow
2006 10,000 Lakes Festival Book
Bruce Springsteen/ Barak Obama Rally
Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
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Change Rocks
(Grateful Dead/Allman Brothers Band Benefit for Barak Obama)
Man on Fire
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Lake Mohave, NV
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2008 10,000 Lakes Festival Slideshow
2008 10,000 Lakes Festival Book
2007 First Waltz
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2008 Rhythm Festival 2006 First Waltz
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The Music Never Stops
(2007 Rex Foundation Benefit Concert)
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The Music Never Stops Book
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